Two arrested in murder case – Vemulawada

                    On 7-02-2023 in the afternoon, Soineni Hanumandlu (62) in Baddipochamma Street Vemulawada, while his daughter’s wedding was going on, had a fight with Akula Nagaraju Akula Shankaraya on clearing the soil near their house and in that fight Hanumandlu was injured and killed by Akula Nagaraju and Akula Shankataya. Hanumandlu’s wife Sarojana (55) complained that Akula Nagaraju and Akula Shankaraiah killed her husband and the police registered a case.

1) Akula Nagaraju and 2) Akula Shankaraiah were arrested by the police and remanded said by O Venkatesh, Inspector of Police, Vemulawada Town PS