Aggravation with mental weakness leads to problems – Psychologist Punnamchander

RSD_Psyco Development Seminar

On 10.11.2022, the Mind Care and Counseling Center under the Government District Hospital Eminent psychologist K. Punanchander organized a Psychodevelopment seminar for workers at Ganesh Nagar in Sircilla.

In this regard, he said that the reason for the distance in the speaker is mental weakness.He said that mental strength rather than physical strength is what makes a person capable of facing daily problems. Mental weaknesses can make a person very stressed. He said that chronic stress can lead to complications. Weak mentality doubles the severity of the problem and it will create uncertainty.

He said that mental weaknesses are the cause of addiction to alcohol, smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco and taking drugs. In order to keep the mind strong, the workers were advised to do many best things like regular meditation, yoga, pranayama, self-observation, developing good habits and meditation, making good use of free time, reading books, creative processes such as writing poetry, beautiful dreams, spiritual thinking, and doing social service.

He said that the government has specially set up the mind care center for the welfare of the workers. In case of need for appropriate counselling for mental problems and disorders, direct contact is requested. Mind Care Center staff Vemula Annapurna, Rapelli Latha, Boora Srimati, Konda Uma and workers participated in the program.