An appeal to the farmers from electricity department

As part of uninterrupted power supply, electricity is being supplied to agriculture as per the orders of the Telangana state government. The unit price for our electricity needs is 10 to 14 rupees and the electricity company is spending an average of 1500 crores per month. This is the appeal of our electricity company to the farmer brothers

1 Please remove auto starters and use normal on off starters

2 Continuous use of electricity leads to waste of electricity on the one hand and water on the other

3 In the same way, if you use water even if you don’t need it continuously, in the month of March, the water reserves will decrease and the crops will dry up, and you and our power company will get a bad name.

4 So we request that all the farmer brothers can accept our appeal and remove the auto starters and help the organization. Said by Electricity Department