AstraZeneca Restatement, Covishield is safe

RSD_ Covishield is safe says AstraZeneca

RSD-Delhi news: AstraZeneca company has reiterated that its Corona vaccine Covishield is safe. Those who have received their vaccinations need not worry. AstraZeneca (CoviShield) has announced that it has strong evidence that the vaccine has improved fertility rates in pilot trials. The recent announcement by the British-Swedish pharma company AstraZeneca has created a stir that many people who have taken their corona vaccine have experienced side effects such as blood clots and platelets reduction. This same vaccine was manufactured and sold in our country under the name of ‘Covishield’. In this sequence, the announcement of AstraZeneca also made crores of Indians worried. In this context, AstraZeneca has recently given another explanation. The Serum Institute of India company of Pune in our country has made the vaccine with AstraZeneca corona vaccine formula.