Awareness program by SHE team – Vemulawada

On the instructions of District SP Mr. Rahul Hegde IPS, under the leadership of District She Team, an awareness program was conducted on13.12.2022 for the students of ZPHS High School in Vemulawada town and Model School and College in Mandapelli on the uses of She Team and cyber crime. Later she team SI said that in today’s times, everyone should be aware of the atrocities on women and children, and should not bear any problem silently while traveling alone, they should come forward and contact the SHE team and solve their problems. It was explained to the teachers that they should teach self-defense education, especially to educate small children about good touch and bad touch. Women and students can complain by dialing 100, district she team number 8712656425 or she team SI number 8712656424. It is asked the girls not to bear any kind of harassment in silence and to come forward and contact the She Team. Women, girls and students in the district are advised to use the services of the She Teams. Everyone are informed to educate friends and family members to avoid being victimized by cyber crime. If felt that cheated in the hands of cyber criminals then immediately inform the toll free number 1930 and can get the lost money as soon as possible. School principals, teachers, she team staff and students participated in this program.