CESS elections in Rajannasircilla district a heating debate for political parties

The political atmosphere has been heating up in Rajannasircilla district for the past week. As soon as the notification for the cess election has come out, the political parties are preparing for the election battle with strategic counter-strategies to get the seat of power. The leaders of the ruling TRS party, who took the elections with pride, are preparing to win the seat with all their might. At present, it seems questionable to what extent the government’s welfare schemes along with Rythubandhu will be acceptable to the ruling party. Political parties are expressing impatience on the process of cess reservation. The Padmasali Sangam, which is in favor of the ruling party on this matter, has become a topic of discussion when the leaders of the Padmasali Sangam announced in the face of the media that injustice had been done to their social class. This matter is likely to have an impact in Sircilla town. On the other hand, the lack of clarity on who the ruling party will put in the ring causes disappointment among the aspirants. On the other hand, some leaders joined the campaign ring as if they were in the ring in advance, and the lack of any response from the ruling party has become a topic of discussion. The discussion is going on in the district whether they will indirectly cooperate for the victory of the candidates of the other party. It is possible that the internal differences going on in the ruling party will have a serious impact on almost all the 15 director positions. Implementation in mandals but the majority of the farmers who are struggling with loan waiver, the debate on which party they will stand, is going on seriously, keeping these conditions in mind. If we take into consideration the direct question posed by former Karimnagar MP Ponnam Prabhakar whether the ruling TRS party has the guts to conduct honest elections, there are chances that the ruling party will believe in financial and human strength and follow through. There is a debate going on that if the internal differences among the leaders of the ruling party are not resolved, the ruling party will face the election

   Congress is the party that is fighting ahead of the CESS election notification. This election is also prestigious for the Congress party. Former MP Ponnam Prabhakar, who organized a district-wide meeting in Sircilla, directed the leaders. It is suggested that those who are popular among the people should be considered as directors from the village level to the mandal level. It is advised to tell the people about the problems faced by the farmers of the state government policies and act strategically to win the victory. The problems of Madhyamaneru residents and the problems faced by the farmers as members of the mandals are being campaigned as an agenda and the Congress party is putting all its efforts to achieve victory in this election. Apart from the question whether it will hit the ruling party economically or not, there is a favorable environment for the Congress party in the majority of the mandals.

  It is not clear what will be the moves of the lotus leaders who are saying that they will give due consideration to the ruling party in the cess elections. It is clear that the leaders are waiting for the call of the leadership, putting the burden on Sanjay. Only in some mandals including Sircilla, Mustabad, issues related to BJP aspirants are making checkers on social media. So far district presidents have not responded to the issue of elections, the state president of the party, Bandi Sanjay as Karimnagar MP, has not attended the cess meetings at least once. It is a negative thing for the party. Even though local leaders are accusing cess corruption, Bandi Sanjay’s not speaking as a local MP is a matter for the ruling party to come together now. Except for Vemulawada constituency, the internal differences in the Kamalam party will have an impact on the elections in Sircilla constituency as well. It remains to be seen which issues the Kamalam leaders will focus on in the election ring.

      The Bahujan Samaj Party is also set to contest the cess elections. Sakali Ramesh, district president of Bahujan Samaj Party, said that the main focus is on the possibilities of converting the cess voters from the village level to the mandal level. According to the idea of state party leader RS Praveen Kumar, they are preparing to enter the ring and show their strength. Leaving aside the matter of victory and defeat, the discussion in political circles is about the extent to which the Bahujan Samaj Party is also influencing the elections. CPI can act in favor of the ruling party. It is not clear whether CPM will field candidates or not. The district presidents are making it clear that they will field their candidates in the election as well. There is a possibility of a three-way contest in the elections. On the whole, it can be said that if this election is contested by the ruling party.