Awareness seminar on various self sufficient skills development

RSD_Awreness program on various self sufficient skills

RSD-Vemulawada news: Government Whip Adi Srinivas made it clear that economic development of flooded villages is the government’s objective. An awareness conference on rearing Rohu, Boche, Bangaru Thiga and other fishes as part of cage culture for the fishermen of Mid Maneru flooded villages was held at Rudravaram, Vemulawada Urban Mandal under the Fisheries Department on 23.02.2024.

On this occasion, the officials of the District Fisheries Department explained cage culture fish farming to the fishermen through a video. He said that the state government has subsidy through these units. It is clear that its aim is to get high profit with less investment in less space. After that fishermen were made aware of cage culture and applications were received. Government Whip Adi Srinivas spoke on this occasion. He said that cage culture fish farming is very useful for the economic development of the people of the flooded villages. He said that with modern technology, the profits will be more with fish farming. He said that the problems of flooded villages will be resolved soon. He said that the government is committed to providing self-employment opportunities to the people and setting up industries. All the eligible people are requested to take advantage of the government schemes. He said that a total of 1600 fishermen families have been registered under Mid Maneru project. Whip disclosed that there is a possibility to provide employment to 1100 families at present. Chairperson of ZP Nyalakonda Aruna-Raghava Reddy spoke and asked to take advantage of the scheme and aspired to excel financially.

Collector Anurag Jayanthi said that fish farming is a golden opportunity for fishermen of submerged villages. The total value of the unit is Rs. 3 lakh, out of which 40 percent subsidy for men and 60 percent subsidy for women. He explained that a camp will be set up in the village under the Nodal Bank from 24.02.2024 and applications will be received by creating awareness. He said that a special tour program will be organized to create awareness about fish farming. All eligible persons are advised to use it.

Also, training classes on advanced fashion designing in various models in tailoring, manufacturing of millets based food products were organized for women under the DRDA in the villages of Anupuram, Rudravaram, Kodumunja, Chintal Thana in Salivahana Sangha Building. The program was inaugurated by Whip Adi Srinivas and Additional Collector Poojari Gautami. Then the whip spoke and explained that for self-employment, women will be trained for 15 days in sewing machine and millet-based food preparation. He said that women have morning tiffin, lunch and snacks. During the training period Rs. 50 will be given. Mentioned that women should take advantage of the training and grow economically. Whip said that measures will be taken to sew school uniforms by them. He assured that if the paper bags are stitched, they will try to send them to the Vemulawada temple as well as the shops in the town.

Additional Collector Pujari Gauthami inaugurated the sewing training center set up at Anupuram and asked women to focus on the topics taught during the training.. Additional Collector Khimya Naik, DRDO Seshadri, NABARD AGM Mohan Reddy, District Fisheries Officer Sivaprasad, MPP Boora Vajramma, ZPTC Michalal Ravi and others were present in the programme.