Brutality of SI during interrogators in cases at Mahabubabad

RSD_ Brutality of Mahabubabad SI towards introgation in many cases

RSD-Mahbubabad news: State President of Telangana Pradesh Journalist Union D.Y.Giri has accused that police brutality in Narsimhulapeta police station is increasing day by day and they are attacking and abusing those who are questioning. In Narsimhulapeta mandal, SI is colluding with some people and extorting lakhs of rupees while they are extorting sand, black jaggery, gutka and ration rice. I strongly condemn the severe beating of Mekaraboina Nageshwar, a magazine reporter who questioned SI Gandrathi Satish. Reporter Nageshwar came to know from the locals that some tractors are driving for sand mafia and some tractors are being stopped and cases are being filed. On 15th March 2024 at 10 pm, when he went to Narsimhalapet-Padamati Gudem nursery, he was there and the policemen were abandoning the tractors given to them by the police. Narsimhulapeta sub-inspector Gandrathi Satish came to the scene of the incident and beat the reporter Nageshwar with sticks. His younger brother stopped the tractor and asked police took him to the police station. The entire journalist community should protest against the third degree application on the two brothers and the police case against them. He expressed his concern that the fact that journalists’ associations, parties and public associations are failing to respond to this mafia in Mahabubabad district is giving wrong signals to the civil society. MLA of Dornakal Constituency is responsible for the incident in the constituency. He demanded that Rama Chandra Naik and the leaders of the ruling party to respond. Even after the incident, SI, who enticed the hospital doctors to keep him in the hospital and not treat him under the medico-legal case. To take immediate action against, the district SP will conduct an investigation and SI. who is accused. Telangana Pradesh Journalist Union demands that a police case be registered against SI and compensation of Rs 5 lakh be paid to the victim.

Narsimhulapeta SI. who is related to sand, jaggery, gutka and ration rice mafias in Narsimhulapeta area. D.Y Giri said that they are ready to prove the actions of SI as journalists, call data of SI and his followers, video footage of village squares around, video footage of the police station if the District Police Officers’ Association comes to them. Y. Giri challenged SI says that I have police power in my hands, I can do anything, lockup death is not new to me. No one can do anything to me. District SP asked to take action on SI. He expressed his concern that the police should stop giving false information to the higher officials about the old cases of the journalist and the cases on the tractor owned by his younger brother.

To this extent, complaints have been made to the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary to the Government, Home, Excise, Revenue, Panchayat Raj, Mining and District In-charge Ministers through mail, to the Human Rights Commission, to the Deputy Lokayukta, to the BC Commission itself. He said that on 29.03.2024 he will complain to the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court. On behalf of the Telangana Pradesh Journalist Association, we are appealing that if the police officers in the district do not maintain friendly relations with the people, journalists and public representatives and gain a reputation as a superior district, the development of the district will be chaotic.