Competitive exams study material – Save the girl child organization

Save the girl child, Chanchal Guda Superintendent SP Nawab Shiva Kumar Goud, who has set up a voluntary organization, provides free study material to candidates preparing for competitive exams through save the girl child. Chanchal Guda SP provides study material across the state. To Raju a Gambhiraopet candidate, Jailer R. Srinivas has presented study material. In this regard SP Nawab Shivakumar Goud said that if you study with persistence plan you will get job without fail when we were studying we always worked hard no matter where there were many difficulties and in those days there were no study material or many difficulties and said that such situations should not come to anyone. He said that it will be given all over the state and study material for all groups of competitive exams is being provided to the poor unemployed who are preparing for the job on behalf of the save the girl child organization. All the best said Chanchal Guda SP Shivakumar Goud