Continuous patrolling at strong rooms

RSD- District news: District Election Observer Vinita Sahu IPS , on 10.11.2023 visited the strong rooms in Government Colleges in Sircilla and Vemulawada towns as per the guidelines of the Election Commission along with District SP Akhil Mahajan and reviewed the security arrangements in full.

On this occasion, the election observer said that strong room, distribution and reception centers in Sircilla and Vemulawada have been set up under the shadow of CC cameras and armed surveillance with central and district forces to prevent any untoward incidents from happening.  Later she visited Sircilla and Vemulawada nomination centers along with District SP. District SP Akhil Mahajan explained the security arrangements made at the nomination centers in Sircilla and Vemulawada to District Election Police Observer Vinita Sahu, IPS.

For the conduct of transparent elections, people can directly call the mobile number 8121258834 to complain about the election, Rajannasircilla District Election Police Inspector Vinita Sahu IPS said. Additional SP Chandraiah, DSP Uday Reddy, Nagendrachari and RSI Junaid are with them.