Counselling to resolve disputes- Psychologist Punnamchander

RSD_Counselling for husband and wife disputes

Mind Care and Counselling Center, Govt. District Hospital organized a mental development conference on 17.11.2022 at Padmanagar, Sircilla by renowned psychologist K. Punnamchander. In this context, he said that family counselling should be taken to resolve disputes between husband and wife. He said that differences of opinion between husband and wife are the cause of conflicts. Differences of opinion are very natural and should be resolved before they lead to conflicts and disputes. He said that the beauty of marriage lies in the sacrifice of the husband and wife for each other, if there is a harmonious discussion about the issue, there will be no disputes. He said that as long as there is no anger, impatience and damage to the ego of the other person, the discussions between the spouses will be fruitful.

Husbands and wives say that selfish thinking on their part is what causes anger in the other person. He said that a green life is possible if you understand the other person and think selflessly, with love, leaving behind personal preferences. The Mind Care and Counseling Center has been asked to avail Family Counseling for dispute resolution between husband and wife in case of need. Mind Care Center staff Rapelli Latha, Vemula Annapurna, Boora Srimati and Konda Uma workers participated in this program.