Doubts on double bedroom eligibility – Jindam Kala Chakrapani

Honorable Chief Minister of Telangana KCR and Minister KTR has initiated the project of building  double bedroom houses of almost 2000 through a double bedroom housing scheme, which was designed with the good intention of giving a double bedroom house to the homeless poor and fulfilling their dream of owning a house by central government which was executed by state government. The houses were allotted to 400 people as the first phase through computer randomization method after conducting several rounds of surveys for the selection of beneficiaries and selecting the beneficiaries in a transparent manner in the presence of the people. Land deeds for beneficiaries of double bedroom houses are also being prepared. Minister KTR directed to allot double bedroom houses to the selected 400 beneficiaries in the first phase and provide double bedroom houses with all facilities to all the beneficiaries soon through a similar scheme to ensure that all the basic facilities are provided to them without any hassle.  So who are eligible beneficiaries of double bedroom houses need not worry of any political parties pressure who are spreading false information to the public through WhatsApp groups on social media for their own benefit and there is a possibility that some agents may resort to extorting money from the public by doing so. If any such people are brought to our notice, legal action will be taken against them. So doubtlessly beneficiaries who are eligible for double bedroom houses and who are not named in the draw can have their doubts fully resolved.