Counseling on mental health at Shantinagar in Sircilla -Mind Care Counseling Center

Mind Care Counseling Center

Leading psychologist K Punnamchander said that mental health should be given high priority. He said that in this age of rapidly changing needs and opportunities of individuals, the pressure on the individual is high. So that the person is often said to be prone to depressive episodes. He said that if stress is high then mental health will deteriorate and many mental and physical disorders will come. Lifestyle related illnesses such as diabetes, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, mental fears, insomnia, distracted thoughts, fatigue, anger, manic behaviour, bad habits, etc. are said to be indicators of mental illness. He said mental problems can turn into mental illnesses if they get worse. He said that mental problems should be detected at an early stage and appropriate counselling and treatment should be sought out. He also said to take counseling, yoga, meditation, morning walk and nutrition filled food to improve mental health. Workers are advised to avail the services of the Mind Care and Counseling Center on this occasion. The event was attended by Psychiatric Center staff Vemula Annapurna, Rapelli Latha, Konda Uma, Mrs. Boora and workers.