Electricity shortage for graveyard

RSD- Sircilla news: The Cess authorities have cut off the electricity to the Nehru Nagar crematorium which was run by the Sircilla Municipal since four days. Even though from each dead body 7,500 rupees for the cremation was collected, what is the reason the municipal authorities are not paying the electricity bill? Sircilla Citizen Welfare Samithi president Biyamkar Srinivas is asking what is the reason for the authorities to cut off the electricity to this crematorium, especially leaving behind those who owe a lot. It is requested that the Nehru Nagar graveyard be restored immediately. Sircilla Civic Welfare Committee President Biyamkar Srinivas, Vice President Mallaji, General Secretary Vemula Satyanarayana, Assistant Secretary Kusuma Ganesh, Treasurer Chippa Devdas, Working Committee Member Dontula Pratap.