Offensive Social media postings is punishable

RSD-Hyderabad news: Posts are being uploaded beyond the limits from time to time. They keep an eye on those who are uploading them and those who are liking and sharing them. If necessary, legal action is expected to be taken against those who are uploading, liking and sharing.It is known that this time the assembly elections are a battleground. Social media is widely used by the parties to criticize each other.

All the parties are cyber warriors targeting hundreds of opponents every day and uploading postings on all social media platforms like WhatsApp groups, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram etc.,

But some of these posts are out of tune. On this, a senior CID officer said that if the criticism is within the limits then there will be no problem, the problem will arise only if posts are made to damage the reputation of the opponent. He said that social media posts are being monitored in this order. Special staff is working for this purpose. He said that action will be taken against those who put up posts to disturb the personal reputation.

If necessary, action will be taken against those who like or share posts that cross the limits. They said that they have also kept an eye on those who like controversial posts and share them in groups. According to Section 67 of the IT Act, targeting anyone and uploading vulgar content on social media is punishable by imprisonment for five years and a fine of Rs.5 lakh. Also, according to Section 66E, the police officials say that there is a possibility of three years imprisonment and a fine of Rs.3 lakhs.