Every student has to strive continuously to reach the chosen goals

RSD_ Awareness program for 10th students at Mustabad ZPHS

RSD-Mustabad news: The district SP directed the students that if they want to be in high positions in life, it is possible only because of education, for that every student should study hard with discipline and plan and practice meditation and yoga to overcome the stress during exams. District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS, was the chief guest at the awareness program organized at Matrushree Gardens in Mandal Center under the supervision of Mustabad Police on examinations for the tenth class students of Mustabad mandal.

SP said on this occasion that hard work is the main weapon for male and female students to get high achievements in life and the philosophy of hard work will lead to success. In any situation, they want to move forward with self-confidence, discipline and planning without stopping their efforts for their chosen goal. It is advised that every student should learn from the mistakes they have made once and not repeat them and achieve success. Students should never compare themselves with others unless they think that they are competing. The students should be reminded that those who get low and average marks in exams should not feel bad. Every student should practice yoga, meditation and reading books to overcome stress.

At present the youth are addicted to drugs like ganja and are ruining their precious future. Later, the SP handed over exam pads and water bottles to the tenth class students of the mandal. Along with SP, DSP Bhimsharma, CI Sadan Kumar, SI Shekhar Reddy, Psychologists Swamy, Srinivas, Praveen and students participated.