Fan commits suicide after not letting him watch Ajith film

In the present times, two things have remained strong among the people. One of them is cinema and the other is politics. In these two matters people behave without considering their lives. Forgetting that those in front of you are also human beings, you can observe them fighting, attacking and killing each other because of politics. This trend is especially visible in politics. But in recent times, people fear that people will change like this even with their admiration for movie heroes. On the one hand, all the movie heroes openly say that we will be fine if they are fine. But it is their fans who cross the limits of fandom and destroy lives. It is not good for anyone if the fandom goes beyond the limits. There is nothing wrong in having a crush on movie heroes, but if it crosses the line, there will be problems that will not go away. Sometimes that love takes life. We have already heard of incidents of fans falling down while washing banners and fans getting electrocuted. Even when the films of big heroes were released on the same day, there were incidents of fights between fans. In Tamil Nadu, a fan of Ajith’s movie Tunivu died during the celebrations held by the fans on the day of its release. Now another fan has become sensational by committing suicide. If we go into the details of this incident, A man named Veerabagu from Thoothukku is a big fan of Tamil hero Ajith. He makes sure not to miss his movies on the day of release. This time to watch Tunivu movie he went to the theater with his family members. But as he was drunk, the theater staff did not allow him inside. They concluded that there is no point in sending in those who have drunk alcohol. Then a small argument took place and the theater manager stepped in. He spoke insultingly to Veerabagu. Only his family members were allowed inside the theatreDue to this, Veerabagu went straight home from the theater and committed suicide. After the movie, the family members who went home and informed police. When the police were informed about the incident, they reached the spot and sent the body for postmortem. A case has been registered on this incident and an investigation has been started. Now this incident has become a sensation all over Tamil Nadu.