Shraddha Walker’s murder case ready for the charge sheet –Delhi

Delhi Police has prepared a charge sheet in Shraddha Walker’s murder case, which created a sensation across the country. The 3000-page charge sheet contains 100 pieces of evidence, along with forensic and electronic evidence. Legal experts are examining the charge sheet prepared by the police. It also contains the narcotic test reports of the accused Aftab.

It is known that in May last year, Aftab Poonawala brutally murdered his girlfriend Shraddha Walker. He cut her dead body into 35 pieces and dumped it in different parts of Delhi. Bones and jawbones collected by the police matched Shraddha Walker’s father’s DNA. After the arrest of Aftab by the Delhi Police on November 12th last year, the horrifying details of the murder shook the entire country. Aftab was found to have cut Shraddha Walker’s body into 35 parts with a saw. As there was no information from Shraddha Walker for two months, her friend and Shraddha’s father Vikas Madan informed Walker. The murder came to light when Madan Walker complained to the police.