Illegal gutka captured by Sircilla police- Rajannasircilla district

By the orders of S.P.Rahul Hegde and under the lead of DSP Ravikumar, today at Sircilla New Bus Stand, illegal sales of gutka have been captured which is of Rs. 51,800/- worth. Going into the details

  1. Umber             – 100 packets = Rs.35000/-
  2. Vimal               – 50 packets    = Rs.10000/-
  3. V1                    – 50 packets   = Rs.5000/-
  4. Meraj              – 6 packets     = RS.1800/-

Total                                        = Rs.51,800/-.

Upon enquiry, the person said that he got them from bidar because there cost of these is very low and he was also charged with two cases of selling gutka earlier.

Captured gutka