Immediate appointment of new CEO for Cooperative Urban Bank- Sircilla


In the half yearly Mahasabha which is going to be conducted on 24.03.2023, a resolution is going to be introduced that the vacant CEO post at Cooperative Urban Bank Sircilla have to be filled up. It is noticed that the vacant post is been allotted to a retired person Cheeti Prakash Rao and he is in the position for years together which is not at all acceptable for the development of bank. So it is requested to remove Cheeti Prakash Rao from the CEO post immediately which needs to be done in the coming Mahasabha and new CEO have to be appointed for the development of bank and also requested to send a copy of the same request to the respective officials. It is a request from Cooperative Urban Bank respectable members of Sircilla, Biyankar Srinivas, Chippa Devadas, Penta Prakash, Chekoti Anil kumar, Posu Ramesh, Kusuma Ganesh, Annaldas Venkatesam and B. Vishnu.