Let’s work as a team and give good results: District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS

The District SP advised the officials and staff to work as a team and give good results to Rajannasircilla district. After taking charge as District SP, for the first time, District SP Akhil Mahajan inspected the various police departments working in the district police office at the field level. In addition to the Armored Reserve Department of the district office, Home Guards, Y.T., Command Control, Bomb Disposal Department, Traffic Counseling Center were also inspected. , Control Room, Dog Squad, R.I., Consumer Stores, Additional DCPs, offices of other Police Officers were inspected along with the officers. n this regard, the District SP inquired about the officers, staff working in the offices and the duties they were performing. After that, the SP told the staff of Armored Reserve Department that if they have any problem, they can meet him at any time or they can also convey their problem through a short message. The SP informed that the staff should perform their duties with discipline, similarly, he would pay special attention to the welfare of the staff, especially by providing rest to the staff and also respond to the problems they raise, and will have a special meeting with all of in the coming days. dditional SP Chandraya, R.I. Kumaraswamy, Rajinikanth, Yadagiri, R.S.I. police personnel are with the SP.

NAFSCOB Chairman Konduri Ravinder Rao, TSPTDC Chairman Guduri Praveen, Sircilla Municipal Council President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, former legislators Udi Mohan Reddy, BRS Party Town President Jindam Chakrapani, Vice Chairman Manshi Srinivas.