Mass resignation from BJP against BJP MLA candidature at Sircilla

RSD- Sircilla news: Holding the saffron flag for the doctrine he believed in for a decade, he did many movements and struggles in BJP and earned a good name as a politician and lawyer in Sircilla. In the protest program given by the party, he was the voice of questioning without stopping the work of the party and pointed out the government’s failures. As a leader of ABVP in Telangana movement, he fought on education issues since 2008. In 2019, as President of Sircilla Town, currently serving as the District Official and State Legal Cell Joint Convener. The reason he is at this level today is because of his parent organization ABVP, BJP, but due to the lack of leadership in the state, the situation of BJP has become worse. Since 2014, the state leadership trampled the opinions of local leaders by giving MLA tickets to ineligible leaders, outsiders and causing great distress. And if anything, the day MP Bandi Sanjay, who took the BJP to a level in the state, was removed from the state president’s post, the situation of the BJP in Telangana became null and void, even though they would give a ticket to a local in Sircilla, who had little hope for the state party, but Rani, who was a submissive to the person

Sircilla would have allotted ticket to Padmashalis, otherwise BJP would have given a chance to local leaders and we would have worked hard to win. Rani Rudrama is the source of Sircilla’s rifts in BJP. It is not right to bring her over night and then allot ticket to her again, there is no value to the activists and leaders, our views were not collected at least suggestive before giving the ticket.

Having endured many years of hardships is this the honour given to us for working hard to the party. Rani Rudrama has been given a ticket for the applications for the MLA candidature. We have been against Rani Rudrama Dundudu’s attitude since the beginning but the state leadership of BJP is back in allotting BJP MLA ticket to a person who is not related to Sircilla is an insult to Sircilla BJP workers.

Opposing the candidature of BJP Sircilla MLA, I am resigning from my BJP primary membership, district spokesperson and state legal cell joint convener positions with great sorrow. Along with me are Tangallapalli mandal BJP president Suruvu Venkathy, BJYM district general secretary Boora Vishnu, BJYM Sircilla town president Malladapeta Bhaskar, BJP Dalit Leaders Kansala Mallesham, BJYM Urban Leaders Sircilla Saikrishna, Gaddam Harish Elgam Abhilash, Nerella Sridhar, Kasarla Prasad, Bolli Naveen, Racha Rahul, Balyala Janardhan, about 50 leaders and activists are resigning from their primary membership and positions.