Mental problems should be detected at an early stage – Psychologist Punnamchander

RSD_ mental problems dealing at early stage

On 15.12.2022, eminent psychologist K. Punnanchander organized group counseling for beedi workers at Gopal Nagar under the Mind Care and Counseling Centre, Government District Hospital. In this regard, psychologist Punnanchander said that mental problems should be detected at the initial stage. He said that if mental problems are neglected, they will turn into chronic diseases. He said that sometimes the disease does not decrease after taking medicines for the rest of his life. Observing the changes in thinking and behavior, and need to correct them immediately is necessary. He said that mental problems arise only when a person does not adjust according to the situation. He said that in the first stage, disturbed sleep, headache, conflicting thoughts and aches and pains are formed very naturally.

He said that depression, anger, rage, frenzied behavior, weak condition of not being able to do anything, sleeplessness, problems in career will affect the person. Behavioral problems like alcohol consumption and drug addiction can lead to a person’s downfall. He said that the Mind Care and Counseling Center provides counseling and treatment to relieve people from mental problems. Mind Care Center staff Vemula Annapurna, Boora Srimati, Rapelli Latha, Konda Uma and Beedi workers participated in this program.