School safety program on children rights – Rajannasircilla district

District SP Sri Rahul Hegde IPS was the chief guest for the first school safety program organized in the state at Padmanayaka Function Hall in Sircilla town on 15.12.2022, followed by Jyoti Prajwalana along with DEO Radhakishan, Additional SP Chandraiah and NGO Divya Disha Director Phillips.

Through a program called School Safety, Rajannasircilla District Police organized an awareness conference for the teachers of the public schools in the district and made them aware of the child protection laws, how to protect children in schools, what kind of protection, what the children’s laws say and their rights through a power point presentation.

Speaking in this regard, the District SP said that teachers should be determined to achieve higher goals in the life of students by increasing social consciousness. He said that it is the teacher who spends most time with the children along with the parents, so we should keep an eye on their mentality from time to time. Everyone should be aware of the laws of the children. He said that the Telangana state government has made many laws for the protection of the children. Children talk to their parents and tell the teachers in the schools, so we all should create a safe environment for them. He said that it is the responsibility of all of us.The role of school authority under POCSO laws is very important. In today’s modern age, in the order of development of science and technology, ‘social media’ is contributing so much to the exchange of information. Although there is a need for social media in the modern world, it is suggested that children should be taught to be mature and wise in their use. He said that if there is a dangerous situation, how to face them and how to solve them should be made aware. He said that the police would be available 24 hours a day and provide reassurance to the victims. He said that CC cameras should be installed in every school and similarly a complaint box should be set up in schools to report the problems and difficulties of the students.He said that awareness programs on good touch and bad touch are always being organized by the district she team. Schools should form compliance committees with school principal, lady teacher and lady students.There is a difference between teaching staff and non-teaching staff in schools, and it is the teachers who make the students better.

The district education officer said that on behalf of the Education Department, I would like to express my thanks to the District SP and the Police Department for coming forward and creating awareness through the school safety program to educate the teachers and the students in the district about the laws against children.

Divya Dasha director Phillips said that through power point presentation, awareness was created about what the laws of children say and their unique rights.He said that it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to inform children about sexual harassment.They created awareness about child protection act pocso act. DSP Nagendrachari, CIs Anil Kumar, Venkatesh, SI Principals participated in this program.