Minister K TR Press Conference – Sircilla

RSD_Press meet

Under the leadership of our Chief Minister and farmer’s son KCR, crops are growing on a large scale in Telangana state. Crops are being cultivated in 1 lakh 35 thousand acres. From 2015 till today about 50 lakh additional acres have come under cultivation. This is possible because of programs like Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima strengthening the irrigation sector. But Union Minister Piyush Goyal spoke scornfully

While agriculture is becoming a festival in Telangana, on the other hand, the central government’s decisions are causing confusion. The central government has drawn the sword on the farmers. Attempts are made to convert farmers into farm labourers. Agriculture is being handed over to corporate companies

Center tries to corporatize agriculture and electricity. Our Chief Minister has repeatedly said the same thing, now the same thing is coming true. The center caters to organizations across all sectors. Eventually the issue of grain collection is also going to be done by Private forum. The Center avoids the task of collecting the crops. The Center is also exempted from the responsibility of buying every grain under the Food Security Act.

The Center is moving ahead with the objective of making the power sector fully industrialized. Narendra Modi, who apologized to the people of the country after bringing black laws and killing 700 farmers without understanding the country’s conditions, has not changed his mind. Trying to bankrupt the agriculture and power sector with ill-conceived inefficient decisions

India has more poor people than Nigeria under Narendra Modi’s regime. India ranks worse than Bangladesh and Pakistan in the Hunger Index. Agriculture is in crisis due to central government policies

Due to central government policies, farmers have become laborers in their own fields, this fact should be recognized by all the farmers of the country as well as the state.

Attempts to privatize power distribution in the name of power reforms without any discussion with the people and without involvement of Parliament. Narendra Modi is making this effort to befriend his corporate friends. That is why they are buying 35 thousand Australian coal instead of 3 thousand rupees Singareni coal. This is for the coal business of his corporate friends. All this is being done to bring down power generation companies.

Prime Minister Modi is working towards bankrupting the country’s agriculture and power sectors to propel his corporate ally to the world’s number one position.That is why Piravi was done for him on behalf of a corporate friends in countries like Sri Lanka

We have testified in the Legislative Assembly that we will block the new electricity bills brought by the Central Government. If the bill becomes a law, free electricity for farmers and subsidized electricity for Dalits, tribals, Rajakas, Nai Brahmins and some industries will also be lost. The Center is trying to bankrupt the state power companies by defaulting on their loans

Telangana state will be the biggest loser if central government power reforms are implemented. Farmers in the state will suffer huge losses. Farmers across the state as well as newcomers in Sircilla will suffer without subsidy. Go into crisis

With the installation of prepaid meters, electricity is available only after payment is made in advance. If the private companies enter the electricity distribution sector then electricity rates will change day by day like petrol rates. Electricity rates will increase drastically. They are trying to force electricity laws like black laws on the people of the country.

The Prime Minister, who is talking about abolishing freebies, has waived lakhs of crores to his corporate friends. Attempts are being made to prevent farmers from being given incentives.

There is a risk of private companies entering the grain collection from next season. The Center is saying that there is a shortage of food grains today as there is a huge demand to buy Telangana rice. Embarrassingly, the Center today cancelled the exports, boasting that it had stocks up to nine hundred thousand yesterday.

As our Chief Minister KCR said, all the people should understand the mind of the center who are blocking the subsidy and free electricity in the society by bankrupting the agriculture, setting up current distribution companies. We should put aside all differences and unitedly protest to the Center for the sake of the state said by minister KTR.