Vertical exploitation of doctors- medical lobby brutality

Big robberies happening in the hospital. Hospital medical hall staff and doctor together sell the products with high print MRP prices i.e. Rs. 99/- outside but Rs. 291/- in the hospital inferentially robbing innocent people. On lab tests the original rate is Rs. 100 but in the hospital it is Rs. 350 to 500. If a person has heart attack, doctors say give streptokinase injection of Rs. 9,000 . The original price of the injection is Rs. 700/- to 900/,

Got typhoid Doctors write 14 monocef whose wholesale Price Rs.25/ but the hospital chemist billed Rs.53/-.Dialysis should be done once in three days. Modtare Dialysis Injection – MRP 1800 if you want to buy from the wholesale market. But even if you search all over India you will not find it anywhere because the company only supplies to doctors. The original cost of the injection is Rs. 500. But doctors charge MRP 1,800  in their hospital.

Do not use generic antibiotic drugs prescribed by the doctor. According to the prescription it should be taken only in hospital medical shops because for MRP and Wholesale is about three times price difference was there. Ultrasound test cost in the market is Rs. 750/. Trust Pharmacy Rs. 240/ to do. That means doctors’ commission is 300 .Doctor’s commission on MRI is Rs. 2,000 to 3,000. There is a terrible exploitation of doctors and hospitals in India. The pharmaceutical companies’ lobby is strong enough to control the country In it, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are blackmailing the government. Its high time and media should expose the truth to the people and awake them make them aware.