No Helmet then No Petrol says district SP

RSD_No Helmet then No petrol says district SP

RSD- Sircilla news: The district SP was the chief guest at the awareness program organized with the owners and managers of the petrol stations under the district police department. SP said on this occasion that in many cases, some criminals are committing various crimes by buying petrol in plastic bottles or cans, the owners of petrol stations in the district have advised anyone not to pour petrol in plastic bottles or cans as per the Petroleum Act 2002. If anyone violates the above law and pours petrol in bottles or cans, legal action will be taken against the owners and the petrol station license will be revoked. A large number of motorists regularly come to petrol stations for petrol, so under the Public Safety Act, CCTV with high resolution and night vision has been installed in every petrol station in the district. He said that cameras should be installed so that crimes can be controlled and criminals can be quickly identified in case of any accidents or incidents.

Regulations related to fire safety must be followed in petrol stations. Sub-divisional officers, inspectors and SIs will conduct inspections every three months and the above regulations must be followed. He said that the district police department will carry out extensive awareness programs in advance with the slogan “No helmet no petrol” to tighten the rules that everyone should wear a helmet. The petrol station owners should meet with the staff working at the station and make every motorist aware that the motorists who come for petrol without a helmet should not be given petrol without a helmet. He said that as part of the Road Safety Village Committee, the staff working in the petrol stations along the main roads of the district were trained on CPR and first aid in the first phase, and in the second phase they will be trained again, so that there will be more chances of saving lives during accidents along the roads. Along with SP, DSPs Uday Reddy, Nagendrachari, town CI Raghupathi, owners of petrol stations in the district participated.