One day training program for writers and tech team of all police stations in Rajannasircilla district.

By the directions of S.P.Rahul Hegde, additional S.P. Chandraiah has conducted training program for police department writers and tech team. In this regard he said that , functional and virtual ways should go hand in hand for smooth solving of any case registered at police station. Everyone should do their duty in a proper way to solve the crimes in an effective manner. If thefts reported, should be documented along with GPS location using virtual means in the same way accidents should be geo tagged.

Every case, interrogation report and respective documents should be uploaded in CCTNS, road accidents form 54 should be completed and uploaded, 5s implementation photos should be uploaded in CCTNS. For solving every case in an effective manner,  station writers and tech team should have a plan of action.

POKSO, crime against women, SC, ST cases punishment percentage and charge sheets  will be monitored by CP and DGP level. So investigation should be done properly. To gain trust of the people, performing duties in a properly  is the only way. In future training programs for functional virtual teams will be conducted for improving the quality of duties to be performed as said by commissioner.