Pathetic hostel conditions of Gurukul- Rajannasircilla district

Gurukul Hostel students protest
Arrest of ABVP member during protest

Today in Rajanna Sircilla Mahatma Jyoti Raophule Gurukul, more than hundreds of students were sick, students protested and ABVP leaders were arrested filing illegal cases by the police. In this regard, ABVP State Co-Convenor Maraveni Ranjith Kumar said that the state government is playing with the lives of students in Mahatma Jyoti Raophule Gurukula in Rajanna Sircilla district. Crores of scam happened and the hostels are in poor condition. The state government brags that they are giving thin rice, but in the name of thin rice, there is big corruption. Students are suffering from diseases due to eating vermins rice. Quality food should be provided immediately. They are facing serious problems. Students are protesting on the roads which means the problems are very serious and they are demanding to solve all the problems immediately. ABVP State Hostels Co-Convenor Maraveni Ranjith Kumar working group members Lopelli Raju Town Teku Madhu Kasarapu Nikhil Teku Ramesh Venu Mokshay Anand participated in this program.