Petition for right to vote in Cess directors’ election – Rajannasircilla district

RSD_CESS elections petition

Giving a petition to the Sircilla District Joint Collector, Bandram Tirupathi Reddy Illanthakunta Mandal BJP President said that even if the members of the Co-operative Electricity Supply Society Sircilla have electricity arrears, the members should have the right to vote in the cess elections. They said that they are seriously against the rules that they should not vote in the election of cess directors, and they want to include the right to vote in the cess election by considering all the arrears. Because even in village panchayat elections they vote even if they have arrears of house taxes, the members of any co-operative societies are voting in the director’s election even if they are having arrears. If only 85000 people among 283000 are given the right to vote, it means that only 30% of the people are given the right to vote. This is absurd, and it is demanded the government to remove the rule and immediately give the right to vote in the cess elections to all members in the district. Chief Secretary of District BJP OBC Morcha Chepyala, Gangadhar, Gajjala Srinivas, Pallae. Sai Prasad Reddy participated in this program.