Post card to PM to reduce GST on textiles – Rajannasircilla district

RSD_Post card to PM

Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Association, was the chief guest at the post card program for the Prime Minister held at B Y Nagar Square in Sirciilla town on 23.10.2022. In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Association said that the BRS Party mentioned that it is a very heinous move by the central government to impose GST tax on milk and other food items and textile manufacturing industry which is essential for the people like no previous government has done in India.

Chief Minister KCR, as a person who saw the lives of handloom,power room workers closely in his life, wanted to support the weavers even if they had unemployment or committed suicide, while he was the MP of Karimnagar, he established Padmasali Trust with a special fund of 50 lakh rupees for the welfare of the weavers and has been supporting the weavers.

In order to improve the lives of weavers after the formation of a separate state of Telangana, Bathukamma sarees, RVM cloth, KCR kit, Bathukamma Ramzan gifts, etc., have been designed and various schemes have been designed and the government has taken up the production of textiles necessary for those schemes, providing employment opportunities to the workers and taking measures to provide them with a stable income. He said that in order to provide support to the workers and support their families, they have introduced the handloom insurance scheme and made special efforts for the development of the textile industry in a way that no previous government has done.

Minister KTR said that as the Minister of Handloom and Textile Department, he is doing special work for the development of the textile industry and also promoting the industries of handloom, power loom industries and allied sectors and playing an active role in designing various schemes to provide employment to the workers.

Today in the state of Telangana through various welfare schemes, providing incentives for the employment opportunities of all the people of all the professions in the state of Telangana, giving special efforts to the development of the communities in the state, taking the Telangana state forward in the path of development. Chief Minister KCR said that there is a need to take the country forward in the path of progress by providing their invaluable services in all fields like agriculture, textile, industrial, education and medicine at the national level in the coming days.

Handloom textile industry is the largest employment sector in India today after the agriculture sector so till the complete lifting of the GST imposed on the textile industry by the central government under the leadership of Chief Minister BRS Party President KCR  under the guidance of BRS Party Executive President KTR the TRS party will continue to fight on behalf of industry and workers.

Later, all the leaders sent a letter by post to  Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi asking the central government to reduce the GST on the textile industry.

Councilor members and co-option members, TRS party leaders, SSI Max Sanghas, trade union leaders and weavers participated in the programme.