Providing clean and fresh water to students and quench their thirst – Govt. School Sircilla alumni

RSD_domestic mini water plant at Govt. School Sircilla

On 19.11.2022, former students of the school Mr. Gentyala Srinivas 29th ward councilor, Nagula Amarender and Boda Ravinder started the domestic mini RO water plant together.

Sangam Vatsalya, son of an alumnus of the school, Mr. Sangam Mohan Kumar Advocate, donated 10,000 rupees. Nagula Amarender donated 5000 rupees, Boda Ravinder 3000 rupees and Gosikonda Ganesh donated 3000 rupees. The school principal along with the teaching team donated 6000 rupees. The total cost of the water plant is 27 thousand rupees. School principal Dr. Chakinala Srinivas, teachers Bairi Ravinder, D. Vanaja, Tumula Tirupati, B. Shakuntala, Rajagopal Reddy, Sudhakar Reddy, Davidson and others participated in this. The principal expressed his gratitude for to everyone on behalf of school for the donation of water plant.