Pulse polio program inauguration – Sircilla

Today at Sundariyyanagar PHC (primary Health Centre), Pulse Polio program was  jointly inaugurated by ZP chairperson Nyalakonda Arun Raghu Reddy, District collector Anurag Jayanthi and municipal chairperson Smt. Jindam Kala Chakrapani.

Children from age 0 to 5 should get  polio drops in district for which parents can utilize the pulse polio centres set up as said by district collector. Who did not get pulse polio drops today, for those children from tomorrow onwards it will be given at their houses by mobile teams.

Municipal chairperson in this regard said that, polio can be successfully eradicated from district completely by taking pulse polio drops only and thereby safeguarding the health of children for their future endeavours.

For this program, municipal chairperson, vice chairman, district medical & health officer, municipal commissioner, medical officers, health department staff have took part.

Day 1 Pulse polio program (27.02.2022)