Pulse Polio program updates from district Medical and Health department

From Rajannasircilla district Medical and Health department, the pulse polio program starts on 27.02.2022 and continues further till 28.02.2022 and 01.03.2022 as said by district Medical and Health department officer DR. A. Suman Mohan Rao and by district Immunization officer DR. Mahesh. In this regard, DR. Suman Rao said that for children from age 0 to 5 years, polio drops have to be given. In Rajannasircilla district, in 13 mandals this program will be done for three days. On 27.02.2022, 402 polio booths will provide the polo drops, on 28.02.2022 and 01.03.2022, about 1,23,110 pulse polio will be given to children who are left on day one. In this program, ANM, Asha workers, Health workers, Anganwadi teachers and with concerned department cooperation, 100% target will be reached. In Rajannasircilla district a total of 46,147 children aged from 0 to 5 years are there. High risk areas are 101 as identified, 16 mobile teams have been set up. On the eve of Shivaratri celebrations, polio booths have been set up near Vemulawada temple, bus stand ( 17 pulse polio booths) and areas where people gather more.