Role of CC cameras is crucial in crime control

RSD_ CC cameras role in crime control

RSD- Illantakunta news: On 30.01.2024, installation of 24 CC cameras in Pedalingapur village of Illantakunta mandal by SP along with police officers, CC camera donors and public representatives was done. The district SP congratulated the donors who came forward to install CC cameras in the village, Oladri Satyanarayana Reddy, Mallesham Goud, village sarpanch, sub sarpanch MPTC, Mahila Sangha sisters, youths and villagers. SP said on this occasion that there are many uses of CC cameras, any small incident in the village can be known immediately through CC cameras. CC cameras will provide more security in villages, and many cases have been solved through CC cameras in recent times. He said that the CCTV cameras will be useful as evidence during the investigation of the cases and they will protect the people in the village 24 hours a day.

Villagers who do not have CCTV cameras within the police station have come forward and asked by the police to cooperate with the police department for the installation of CCTV cameras. Donors are asked to come forward and public representatives to take initiative to install CC cameras in rest of the villages under police station limits. He said that it is possible to build a crime-free society by everyone coming forward to install CC cameras. He said that everyone should follow traffic and road safety rules and strict action will be taken if caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Helmets must be worn while driving vehicles and every vehicle driver must have a number plate. Along with the SP, CI Sadan Kumar, SI Sudhakar, Sarpanch Jitender Goud, MPTC Swapna, Deputy Sarpanch Kumar Yadav, police personnel and the people of the village participated.