Safety of women is the mission of “She Team” –District SP

RSD_SHE TEAM awareness

District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS, who was the chief guest at the program organized under the District Police Department, called “She Team” aimed at women’s safety. He said that this program was organized with a purpose to protect women.

Speaking on this occasion, the SP said that since the formation of Telangana state, as part of the innovations that have not been seen anywhere in our country, many programs are being organized for the protection and safety of women. As a part of that, She Teams have been formed in every district. He said that it is everyone’s social responsibility when someone causes trouble to girl students, women, and eve teasing. If anyone chases women who are not relatives or others who have caused trouble through phone calls or messages or through social media, strict action will soon be prosecuted. Information should be given to the SHE team number 8712656425. Their details are being kept confidential. If anyone commits atrocities on minor girls, cases will be registered under POCSO Act.

The students should stay away from the social media (Facebook, Instagram), currently harassment of women, online harassment through social media, cyber crimes, online frauds are happening more and more, those who are subjected to such harassment are those who are educated and have knowledge of technology should educate others. He said that awareness programs are being conducted and one should educate their parents, family members, relatives and those around them about such crimes.

He said that personality development and self-confidence increase only by pursuing higher education. The main reason why all the police officers and teachers here are in such a good position is education. He said that every student studied well in his childhood and when he reached the age of college, he ruined his life with neglect. He said that success is not measured by a yardstick, it is about maintaining a discipline in life and living according to a method. It is said that when students set high goals and work hard with discipline and patience, good achievements are achieved. Young women at the age of studying are tempted and attracted to ruin their future. It is advised to understand and respect the parents and fulfill their wishes and be at a high level.

DSP Viswaprasad, CI Anil Kumar, MEO Raghupathi, She Team SI Prem Deep, SI Raju, Srikanth, Upadhyaya’s teachers and She Team staff participated in this program.