Schedule of transfers and promotions to be released immediately-TTU demand

RSD- district news: Telangana Teachers Union Rajannasircilla District Branch President and General Secretaries Kondi Koppula Ravi and Tadukala Suresh said that the teachers are very disappointed as they have not been given promotions for eight years and transfers have not been announced for five years. said in a statement. He stated that all the teachers welcome the judgment given by the High Court lifting the stay on the schedule of teacher transfers and promotions for the last six months, but before the general election code comes, the education department authorities want to release the schedule quickly and complete the transfer process and provide promotions to all of them, even if they are eligible. Due to non-promotion for eight years, there are hundreds of vacant posts in the district and injustice is being done to the poor students studying in government schools, they urged the government to immediately announce the schedule of transfers and promotions by giving a transfer opportunity to every single teacher who has completed 8 years of service in the same school without delay.