Services of Sakhi centres at Rajannasircilla District

Rajannasircilla district’s Sakhi centres have been visited by district S.P. Rahul Hegde and he said that these centres are for solving problems of girls and women and are to be further strengthen for betterment of their services.

As a part of Telangana Women development and child welfare these sakhi centres are serving the women and solving their problems and police department has shown their cooperation towards the duties of sakhi centres in solving problems such has domestic violence, dowry harassment, work harassment, sexual harassment, women and girl trafficking. These problem will be solved in the way they are to be and counselling, protection and temporary lodging will be given for the necessary.

In our district, Sircilla and vemulawada substations are having these Sakhi centres and all the services in the sakhi centres are free of  cost 24/7. In emergency, one can call 181 and can explain their problems for which sakhi should always give them protection said by S.P. From now in district, non grave women cases will be sent to Sakhi centres for counselling and cases will be filed after counselling if necessary as per S.P Rahul Hegde.

 In this program, Apart from S.P. Rahul Hegde, Sakhi administrator Roja, Legal advisor Vijayalakshmi, Counselors Devika, Kalavathi have taken part.