Sirisilla town flood preventive measures- Jindam Kalachakrapani

Floods preventive measures

Sircilla town is in orange alert due to heavy rains and flooding water from past 6 days, the  President of the Municipal Corporation Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani visited several wards of Sirisilla town, Kothacheruvu (New Tank Bund), main canals, near by-pass road flooded areas, Chandrapet pond swampy areas, many wards, keeping in mind the problems that occurred during the last rainy season and by discussing with the officials and public representatives, the preliminary measures for this rainy season such as the Mattadi flood water from Kothacheruvu divertion into the SRR Reservoir costing around 5 lakh rupees, a kacha canal was constructed and this canal will be very useful in reducing the damage caused by the flow of flood water.But due to the high tension of flood water coming from Chandanampet, Bonala and other areas of Kottacheruvu area since yesterday, the flood water was flowing over Srinagar Colony, so another kacha canal was urgently dug in the local bypass road to reduce the water flow tension.

People are told not to travel along the local bypass road from Ellamma Junction to Ragudu Junction and the road has been temporarily closed and warning boards have been installed to make people aware and special staff were appointed..

By removing the shield in the main canals of the town and taking appropriate pre-emptive measures in view of the rainy season, the problem of flood water can be reduced a little. Apart from that, warnings have been arranged along the vessels to let people know about the dangerous places. People are not allowed to go in flood water and along the main dirty drains, and should not stay next to the abandoned walls of damaged houses. If there are any such people, if they inform to the local public representatives or municipal ward officers, they will provide appropriate assistance and help to resettle the people in the flooded areas. In view of the current situation, the local community halls can be used by the people in case of emergency. Addressing the people, those who are suffering due to rains should show their humanity by providing appropriate assistance to whoever is around them.

Similarly, the flow of flood water coming into the Kothacheruvu, the water level in the Kothacheruvu and the flow of floodwater flowing into the low lying areas were examined and the officials were advised to always be vigilant and take appropriate measures to avoid any trouble to the people.

Municipal Commissioner Sammayya, CI Anil Kumar, MRVO Vijay Kumar, TRS Town President Jindam Chakrapani, Irrigation and Municipal, Police, Road Buildings and Revenue Department officials have visited the areas.