SP surprise inspection at Veernapalli police station

RSD_ SP surprise inspection at Veernapalli Police station

RSD-Veernapalli news: District SP Akhil Mahajan conducted a surprise inspection of Veernapalli Police Station on 27.03.2024 and inspected the police station’s surroundings as well as many records in the police station and advised them to find out the details of the pending cases in the police station and complete them quickly. ┬áSP said on this occasion that the Blue Colts Teams have 24-hour duty to ensure that the officers respond immediately to the complaints received at the police station and ensure justice to the victims. He instructed the staff to carry out vigorous patrolling. Many instructions were given to the police station staff on the occasion of the Lok Sabha elections. All the police officers should perform their duties impartially and transparently, each of them must visit the polling centers within the police station and inform the higher authorities immediately if there is any deficiency. Also, they should pay attention to the conditions there from time to time. The SP was accompanied by CI Srinivas, SI Ramesh and staff.