Suicide Prevention Day Conference – Psychologist Punnam Chander

Prominent psychologist Dr. Punnam Chander said that suicides have been prevented by improving the mental development of workers in Sircilla town. He participated and spoke in the mental development conference organized on the occasion of suicide prevention day for workers under the Mind Care and Counseling Center in Venkatarao Nagar in the town. He said that Sircilla, which was once a home for suicides, has now become a suicide free town.

He said that the self-confidence of the workers has increased as they got a hand full of work. Many welfare programs undertaken by the government with a long-term strategy have changed the lives of the workers. He said that the leaders were the pioneers of a suicide-free society. He said that the government orders are the beginning of positive changes in the economic and social life of the workers.

Punnamchander said that belief in work and assurance in life will lighten the lives of workers. He said that the textile industry of Sircilla is flourishing with continuous work as the fabric needed for many government schemes like Bathukamma sarees manufacturing, thrift scheme, yarn subsidy, netanna insurance, manufacturing of uniforms for various schools, manufacturing of clothes provided by the government for Ramzan and Christmas festivals, KCR kit is made from Sircilla itself. He said that since the last fourteen years, Mind Care and Counseling Center Sircilla has been working continuously to solve the mental problems of various categories of workers.

He said that efforts are being made to create a positive attitude among the workers so as to remove the frustration and depression from time to time and change their thinking towards their problems. For all those coming to the mind care center with suicidal thoughts and alcoholism steps have been taken to achieve relief. Dr. Punnam Chander said that those who are struggling with mental problems are being identified at the field level and given counseling to give them mental courage. Mind Care Center staff Boora Srimati, Rapelli Latha, Konda Uma, Vemula Annapurna and workers participated in this program.