Telangana state is top in the country in terms of maintaining peace and security

RSD – Sircilla and Vemulawada news: As part of Suraksha Diwas program in celebration of Telangana state’s 10th anniversary, Petro Car, Blue Colt under the joint command of District Police Department, 17th Battalion, Police vehicles of various departments, Police Dogs, District Guard Robot personnel, Police Officers of the district and the personnel of Sircilla town were present at the district headquarters on 04.06.2023. It was conducted from Vasavi Gardens through the old bus stand, Ambedkar, Gandhi to the Telangana mother statue at the new bus stand. District SP Akhil Mahajan, IPS., Additional Collector Satya Prasad, Municipal Chairperson Jindham Kala and others participated in this huge rally as chief guests.

The police system has been strengthened with the visionary initiative of the Chief Minister of the state KCR, Sircilla, which was under the jurisdiction of one DSP level officer before the emergence of the state, after the formation of the state as a district, one SP level, one additional SP and four DSP level officers are responsible for law and order in the district. It is mentioned that we are providing many types of services by participating in monitoring and protecting people more. For the convenience of administration, a police office complex has been constructed at a cost of Rs.38 crores and 50 lakhs in the district center with the intention of making police services more accessible to the people of the district. He said that steps are being taken to start this office soon and make it available. After the formation of the district, one police sub-division (Vemulawada), two circles (Ellareddypet, Chandurthi) and four police stations (Thangallapalli, Veernapalli, Rudrangi, Vemulawada Rural) have been made available to the people and two more traffic stations have been opened.

She Teams for Women’s Safety

Giving utmost priority to the protection of women, as per the orders of the state government, two SHE teams headed by an SI level officer have been formed in two police divisions of the district and harassment of women has been completely stopped with continuous monitoring. He stated that the She team has been successful in preventing sexual assaults in places where women work, schools and bus stations, and similarly awareness conferences are organized under the team in one village and school every day in the district. He said that after the formation of Telangana state, Telangana government has paid special attention not only to the protection of women, but also to the job creation for women, by providing 33% reservation for women in police jobs and increasing the number of women police officers in the state. As a part of that, it was explained that (19) women police employees are working in the district. He said that to solve the problems of women safety and passengers in the district, an app called “Abhaya” My Taxi Safe has been made available and this app has been connected to 3 thousand passenger vehicles in the district.

Blue Colt, Petro Car, Dial 100

SP stated that the blue colt and petro car services, which were previously limited to the town only, have been extended to the remote areas of the district and now 13 petro cars and 15 blue colt teams are working hard for public safety in the district. He said that the Blue Colt and Petro car vehicles operating in the area of every police station in the district travel about 50 kilometers a day for public service. It is stated that within 5 minutes of receiving information about crime in any area of the district through dial 100, police teams reach by blue colt and petro car and protect people from untoward incidents at the field level.

CCTV cameras are crucial in crime control

The SP said that the role of CC cameras is important in preventing crime in the district. Under the pilot project of the state government, 1 thousand 130 CC cameras have been installed in Rajannasircilla district and connected to the command control center established in the police office of the district center through T fiber. Through this, it will be possible to maintain peace and security by providing information to the concerned police station as soon as there is a law and order and traffic problem in the villages and towns.

Passport inquiry made easy

He said that about 800 passports are requested in our district every month, Telangana state is at the first place in the country in passport inquiry, and after the statehood, (7) license agencies have become available in Rajannasircilla district for those who go to Gulf for employment.

He said that in the past, people had to go around for months about passports to go abroad especially for employment, but after the accession of the state, all inquiries are completed without any problem and passports are provided within a week, and ambitiously, all kinds of verifications related to passports in the district are being completed within three (3) days.

Crime control is a top priority

The SP explained that a CCS police station, a cyber cell and an anti-human trafficking unit have been made available in the district after the formation of the state, through which many cyber crimes, human trafficking and thefts are being effectively curbed by the illegal activities of social forces. He said that special monitoring will be done by appointing an SI level officer as part of the court monitoring system for monitoring the trial of the cases going on in the court. He said that since the establishment of the district, 85 cases have been received punished, out of which 4 cases have been sentenced to life imprisonment, 1 case has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, 2 cases have been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, and in two cases (3) persons have been booked under the PD Act.

Adequate Measures to Control Road Accidents

Devotees from all corners of the country come to Vemulawada Sri Rajarajeswara Swamy Devasthanam, which is especially known as Dakshina Kashi in our district, and the police are taking various measures to control road accidents in coordination with various departments so that road accidents do not occur where other transport routes are dangerous. He said that traffic signals can be made available at the main intersections so that traffic problems do not arise in the district center and are being monitored with the traffic department.

Transparent services with technological advancement

The SP said that with the development of technology, transparent services are being provided to the people after the state’s accession. He said that ambitiously CCTNS, TS Cop Traffic Enforcement HRMS Meeseva Service, C Dot and She Teams functional verticals along with a total of (28) applications was be introduced in police departments to provide superior services to the public.

Connecting with the public with community policing

With the theme of solving public problems, with the aim of providing transparent services to the people through the police department, the initiative programs such as “Thana Divas”, Mobile Thana, Message Your SP have been organized to reach out to the people and take steps to solve their problems at the field level, free job training for the unemployed youth of the district. The SP said that camps, job fairs, sports meet and sports kits have been provided.

Special measures for welfare of officers and staff

He said that the police job is a 24/7 stressful job, and for the health and welfare of the officers, staff and home guards working in the district, yoga classes, parades, health camps and sports meets are organized for them to keep them motivated and excited. He said that 200 home guards in the districts have been given health cards with concessions.

Additional SP Chandraiah, 17th Battalion Commandant Mr. K. Subramaniam, DSPs Nagendrachari, Ravikumar, CIs, SIs, 1st Battalion officers and police personnel participated in this program.