The Government is raking in people’s money – SK Gouse

SK Gouse, district vice president congress party said that the government, which is enjoying royal pleasures with the money of the people of Telangana, ignoring the people’s problems, and spending lavishly on essential goods, petrol and diesel. He lamented that the government is robbing the poor people by increasing the prices of essential commodities day by day. Sircilla Constituency MLA and IT Minister KTR said that they have promised to build a 30 bed government hospital in Ellareddypet mandal center and they have not kept their word so far. He said that the government not allowing medical treatment for the poor people. He also said that they are running belt shops in Ellareddypet mandal and making holes in the pockets of the poor people. He said that it is ironic that the relevant officials of the state government are not paying attention to the fact that alcohol is being produced in every village. It is alleged that the management of the state government, which is running belt shops in the rural areas and making a mess in the green villages, is running under someone. The state government responded immediately and the concerned officials demanded to remove the belt shops appearing in the villages.