The solution is to abolish private schools to get quality education – India

Akunuri Murali, IAS said that a complete abolition of private schools in the country seems to be the only solution for providing quality education. Then the children of chief ministers, grandchildren and great grandchildren, children of officials, children of the rich and children of the poor will be educated only in government schools. With that, the working method of schools, facilities and quality of education will be improved. By having six to ten schools per mandal and establishing a transport system to the rest of the small villages, the number of schools will be reduced, the facilities will be improved and the educational standards will be raised.

As mentioned in the Constitution of India, the government should provide quality education to all. It is a historical truth that in any country, if poverty is eradicated and development is achieved, school education, college education and university education are the foundation. But in our country, the government leaders, politicians and contractors are not paying as much attention to the quality education of the children as they are to the project work.