Thief arrested within five days of theft- Mustabad

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Mustabad theft news

In a media conference, CI Upender revealed the details of the arrest of Sheikh Salim alias Usman of Metpalli, who committed thefts in several houses in Mustabad town center on the night of 20th of this month. On the night of 20th, in locked houses and Akshaya Jewellers shop, Sheikh Salim, committed thefts, and was detained by SI Venkateshwarlu along with his staff within five days of theft. The police conducted a thorough investigation towards the series of thefts in their own style and revealed that they have seized ½ tola of gold and 25 tolas of silver from him. SI said that in the past, 69 cases were filed against Salim in various police stations in Telangana region and he was jailed for nine crimes. The CI revealed that he went to jail in a case last November and was released in April and committed thefts in Mustabad mandal and Ellantakunta mandal this month. It is stated that despite serving life in prison, he commits crimes again and again without any change in his behavior. The CI congratulated SI Venkateshwarlu and the staff who arrested the thieves within five days of the incident in Mustabad town centre. In this meeting, Head Constable Bhumaiya Constables Kumar, Ravi, Damodar, Raju, Rajasekhar, Satyanarayana, Rajakumar, Arif and others were present and rewards were given to the constables who played a key role in cracking the case.