Tiny spark caused crores of property loss – Food supply godown

It is well circulated that the food supply godown at Textile park Indiramm colony had fire accident and crores of property loss happened. The fire department immediately started rescue operation but could not control it as already much damage happened. It took them 4 to 5 days to get the situation under control. Later in the investigation, it was found that a tiny spark from Diwali cracker was the reason behind the fire accident which was done by some children who were playing with the crackers which was recorded in cc camera. The spark from the crackers was not intentional and it was purely accident.  The loss was immense even though the reason is very tiny. Further investigation is being done .

The rescue operation done by fire department staff,  Station Fire Officer Satish Rao. The leading fireman was Narasimha Chari. Mypal. Operator Naveen Kumar. Firemens Raju Venkatesham, Nagaraju Praveen, Sagar and  Shabir.