Chronic patients should be given top priority – State Health and Family Welfare Director Shweta Mahanty

RSD_State health director visit to Vemulawada area hospital

Director of Telangana Health and Family Welfare Department, Shweta Mahanthi said that the officials of the Medical and Health Department should work hard to ensure the speedy recovery of tuberculosis patients. Cheerlavancha R&R Colony Primary Health Center in Agraharam was inspected. Laboratory and pharma room were inspected. She inquired about the manner of conducting tests in the laboratory. The details of medicines available at the primary health center were inquired. After that, 20 tuberculosis victims were given nutritional food kits under the district branch of Indian Red Cross Society. Through the RBSK programme, the students who are suffering from malnutrition should be identified and they should be given better treatment and nutrition.

She said that proposals for setting up a Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC) in the district would be sanctioned immediately. Directors and medical health staff have been instructed to ensure that the patients who come to the primary health center suffering from health problems should get better medical services.

State Director of Health and Family Welfare department Swetha Mahanti directed the doctors to provide better services through palliative care center giving top priority to those suffering from chronic diseases and those who are at the end of life.

On 28.10.2022, she visited Palliative Care Center at Vemulawada Area Hospital with District Collector Anurag Jayanthi, Additional Collector B Satya Prasad, District Medical Officer DR. Suman Mohan Rao and Area Hospital Supervisor DR. Mahesh. Those suffering from chronic diseases and undergoing treatment were visited and asked for details.

Palliative Care Center Medical Officer DR. Meenakshi explained to the directors that 239 outpatients have been registered through palliative care and 90 have been treated as inpatients from the last six months. So far 7 people suffering from chronic diseases have taken their last breath while receiving services. It is suggested to provide genuine service messages for all cases. Medical services should be provided to those who are in the last stage of the disease to support them as they are likely to suffer from serious medical problems.

In the meeting, District Medical Officer DR. Suman Mohan Rao, District Deputy Medical Officer DR. Sri Ramulu, Dr. Rajita, MCH Program Officer DR. Meenakshi, Immunization Program Officer DR. Mahesh, IRCS District President, Vice President, Secretary and others participated.