Tomato flu among children aged below five – India

It was first reported in Kerala in May 2022, and clinicians said that this virus is highly contagious especially for children and in July 2022 at various government hospitals in Kerala 82 cases were reported. This flu is having similarities with head foot and mouth disease as this is also from Enterovirus family. This disease is caused by virus Coxsackie A 16. It has symptoms similar to chickungunya and dengue such as high fever, body rash, intense pain in joints, fatigue, diarrhoea, joints swelling, dehydration and influenza like symptoms.

This virus spreads very fast in children and can spread to adults also if not treated well. Recently in Orissa state 26 children of age group 1 to 9 were infected with this virus. So, it is  thought to be an endemic shortly if neglected.