Training on Capacity Improvement of She Team

Training on Capacity Improvement of She Team

District She Team, attends a Training on Capacity Improvement of She Teams conducted under the Women Safety Wing on 27-04-2022 in Hyderabad.

As a part of the training, SHE Team explained how it works in metro cities like Hyderabad, the role of She Teams in cybercrime against women, how to prevent them and provide assistance to victims.

SHE Team explained to officials about the WhatsApp & Facebook complaints, the role of She teams in She Software, Cyber ​​Congress & Safety Clubs, and the performance of She Cyber ​​Lab.

D.G.P  Swathi Lakra IPS and D.I.G Sumathi IPS recently presented a memento commending the work of the Sirsilla Police on the issue of women security in Sirsilla District, especially to the She Team and District S.P Rahul Hegde IPS.

The District She Team staff ASI Pramila, Umarani Constables Prasanna, Anil, Vijayasarathy, Sridhar have participated in this event.