Worth of Rs. 1,15,000 Gutka seized at Kodurupaka

As per the order of Rajna Sirisilla District SP  Rahul Hegde, the Task Force personnel under the command of DSP A. Ravi Kumar went to Kodurupaka village and arrested Balagoni Raju  s/ o Chandraya, age 24: Caste: Gouds, R/o Kodurupaka village because, an illegal government banned gutka worth about Rs. 1,15,000 / – was found.

When questioned,  Chintalapally Tirupati Reddy, s / o Ellareddy said that he had bought it from R / o kodurupaka . Tirupati Reddy’s house was immediately searched and he was under escaped. The boinpalli police station has handed over the issue  to the SI for further action.